Study on mice: disinfectant (triclosan) damages intestines

In many everyday products, bsplw. Soaps, toothpaste, toys, etc., may contain the bacteriostatic agent triclosan. According to a study he promotes intestinal inflammation and cancer in mice. Triclosan is still present in many products in the EU.

More about triclosan and its dangerous effects:

THE WORLD'S HEALTH /Study on mice This disinfectant damages the intestine


"Good thing for patients"

According to the Rhineland-Palatinate State Investigation Office, 2017 was the worst flu epidemic since the introduction of compulsory registration in the spring. Health experts expect that the upcoming flu season will be even more intense. The Heidelberg hygiene specialist Mark Peters therefore appeals to medical practices, clinics and nursing homes to get more involved in the fight against viruses and germs.

Read more about this in the interview in the Rheinpfalz:

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