The problem of product piracy

Auch disinfECT PRODUCTS, are not safe from product plagiarism.

We have already had several legal and legal action. Last in Austria. Product piracy poses major problems for us as an affected company and you as a consumer. Efforts by trade associations and companies to protect against infringements of trademark, patent and copyright rights underline the importance, as every tenth product sold worldwide is counterfeit.

What exactly does product piracy mean?

Unter Produktpiraterie versteht man illegale Nachbauten, Kopien oder Fälschungen von Produkten. Dabei wird zwangsläufig mindestens ein Schutzrecht – Patent, Gebrauchsmuster, Design – verletzt. Ziel ist es, den Kunden durch Nachahmung bekannter Produkte zu täuschen. Dabei werden beispielsweise auch fremde Chargennummern, Haltbarkeitsdaten oder Herstellerangaben und Zertifizierungen verwendet.

Welche Risiken und Auswirkungen haben Produktfälschungen? Wie kann man diese erkennen? Wie kann man sich davor schützen?

Our answers to these and other questions are intended to help raise awareness of original products so you can better protect yourself and your customers from potential consequences of plagiarism.

The manufacturers of pirate products have no development and technology expertise.

Trademark piracy uses a foreign brand not licensed by the product pirate to fool the true maker. Brand piracy is often associated with product piracy. Unfortunately, unambiguous identification of counterfeit products is often only possible for specialized professionals today. Therefore, the manufacturer is to contact as soon as possible at first suspicion. Indicators are usually market-unusual prices and the offer over hitherto unused distribution channels.

What risks do plagiarism bring?

  • Anyone who places counterfeit goods on the market is liable to prosecution. Even with the slightest suspicion, this is to be communicated to the company concerned. Because Counterfeiting is not a cavalry offense.
  • Product pirates operate a high effort to produce high-quality copies of the external appearance including labeling.
  • However, the product characteristics themselves generally do not meet the requirements of the original, so that their use can endanger safety extremely.

Our disinfECT PRODUCTS stand for quality and competence.

We offer our customers a complete portfolio of product solutions for almost every hygiene problem. These product solutions are documented by reports and test series from external laboratories and can therefore be used safely by the user.