ECA method

What is the ECA procedure?

ECA stands for Electro-Chemical Activation. disinfECT Products are electrochemically activated solutions that are manufactured using a specially designed system. Here, a mineral salt solution (saturated brine) is passed through special electrolysis cells. The NaCl (common salt) is converted into sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) anolyte by electrolysis.

The chemical composition and the physical condition become thereby specifically influenced. It creates potent, efficient and widely used disinfECT Solutions .

To make it more stable and effective disinfECT Solutions, special electrolysis cells with high-tech membranes and an optimized manufacturing process (validated process flow) are required. disinfECT Solutions have highest purity


  • high activity against all types of microorganisms
  • Environmentally friendly and user-friendly
  • disintegrate after use back into the natural starting materials water & mineral salt
  • exclude resistance formations
  • very good skin compatibility, Dermatest VERY GOOD
  • NO dangerous ingredients
  • NO marking (Simplifies transport and storage)
  • NO hazardous or dangerous goods
  • NO protective measures are required when handling the product
  • NO special requirements for the disposal of leftovers
  • NO water hazard class
  • not flammable
  • high cost reductions

For permanent use of disinfECT Solutions will sustainably reduce biofilms.

Let us share the interesting and outstanding features of our disinfECT Advise products. We offer you diverse, effective and easy to implement Solutions for the different disinfection& Hygieneanforderungen in Ihrem Anwendungsbereich. Sie werden begeistert sein, wie einfach Handhabung und Umgang mit modern, highly effective and yet harmless to humans and animals disinfectants and procedures could be.