We have made it our mission to contribute to a sustainable community. Sustainability means responsible and forward-looking action in the interests of society. We achieve this by conserving resources, dealing with partners in a fair and trusting manner, thus making a contribution to the community.

The Company Z|R|T ZiMMER Reinigungstechnik GmbH develops, manufactures and sells innovative disinfection and hygiene products for a wide variety of areas, such as clinical practice, food, drinking, process and cooling water and animal husbandry. As one of the leading companies in ECA technology, we offer products for a wide variety of applications. disinfECT Products stand for best dermatological compatibility, high efficacy, vegan and have been developed without animal testing.



We develop and produce highly efficient products to optimize the use of water and energy, reduce wastewater and air emissions, and protect natural resources.

disinfECT Products contain no hazardous ingredients for humans & animals, are vegan, are free of excipients, dyes, fragrances & additives, allergens and 100% biodegradable.