disinfection products


High effectiveness and no resistance effects - Powerful and versatile.

disinfECT Products are suitable for uncomplicated disinfection of all washable surfaces, eg of equipment and inventory, in hospitals, medical practices, old people's homes, schools and day-care centers. The main product features of disinfECT Products that have no resistance effects, such as when using products based on quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) or standard biocides such as MIT / BIT, Bronopol, etc., and are effective against the so-called "multi-resistant microorganisms" (MRSA).

Im Bereich der Lebensmittel- & Getränkeherstellern, Lebensmittelverarbeitenden Betrieben und weiteren Bereichen sind disinfECT Products can therefore be used. Germicidal problems, eg on work and storage surfaces, in the cleaning of cutting devices and processing machines, as well as in equipment and filling equipment, or inadequate hygiene, very quickly leads to microbial transmissions in these areas and reduces their shelf life. The consequences of poor hygiene are, in addition to the health problems for humans, large quantities of contaminated food to be disposed of.

Auch für die Behandlung von Trink- & Prozesswasser-Anlagen sind disinfECT Products suitable and approved. Plants affected by Legionella or other germ species can be effectively, sustainably and without endangering the inhabitants, free from germs and biofilms and thus restored to a hygienically perfect condition.

disinfECT Produkte sind nicht kennzeichnungspflichtig. Handhabung, Lagerung und Transport, wie auch die Entsorgung von Produktresten und Gebinden sind daher einfach und ohne besondere Sicherheitsvorkehrungen möglich.

Let us share the interesting and outstanding features of our disinfECT Advise products. We offer you diverse, effective and easy to implement Solutions for the different disinfection& Hygieneanforderungen in Ihrem Anwendungsbereich. Sie werden begeistert sein, wie einfach Handhabung und Umgang mit modern, highly effective and yet harmless to humans and animals disinfectants and procedures could be.

Upon request, we offer solutions for the design of an optimized cleaning and disinfection concept as well as the implementation of a strategy for infection and self-control. We look at every aspect and offer a wide range of support, from training, for example, to the hygiene routine, to design-related advice and assistance in selecting suitable materials, furnishings and consumables.