hand sanitizer

disinfECT | HAND & SKIN Hygienische Händedesinfektion

AND 1499 / EN 1500

Conventional disinfectants generally use hazardous biocides or alcohols in high concentration as hazardous substances. The use of alcohol in a hygienic hand disinfection leads to the leaching and dehydration of the skin and thereby allows bacterial infections, both in patients and practice staff.

disinfECT | HAND & SKIN is pH-neutral, completely free of the above-mentioned additives and thus contributes to the prevention of allergies and bacterial infections of the hands. Dry skin and inflamed nail beds are a thing of the past. The skin feels soft and well-groomed after using the product. Side effects and interactions, contraindications are unknown or not expected.

disinfECT | HAND & SKIN has antimicrobial activity against all harmful microorganisms. Achieved within 60 seconds disinfECT | HAND & SKIN the required reduction of microorganisms. In contrast to alcohol-based disinfectants, which tend to evaporate too quickly, the slow evaporation of disinfECT | HAND & SKIN its effectiveness. The microbiological efficacy has been extensively tested by several independent laboratories according to the latest European standards. The skin compatibility was with VERY GOOD / EXCELLENT certified by Dermatest Münster.

disinfECT | HAND & SKIN is a strong oxidant. Due to the large number of disinfectant dispensers available on the market, we are unable to test them for material resistance. There is an interaction with metals in the metering pumps. Risk of corrosion. Alle produktberührenden und produktführenden Bauteile sollten daher aus korrosionsbeständigen Metallen oder Kunststoff sein. Vor Gebrauch dosing to undergo an examination. Suitable for all water, chlorine and alkali resistant materialian.

We are happy to offer you Disinfectant dispenser with suitable dosing pumps.

     Item No. 100.102.05 DESINFECT HAND & SKIN 5 liter canister VE: 2 piece
     Item No. 100.102.01 DESINFECT HAND & SKIN 1000 ml EURO bottle PU: 8 piece Art.-No. 100.102.11 DESINFECT HAND & SKIN 1000 ml cartridge - SERIES I VE: 6 piece Art. 100.102.12 DESINFECT HAND & SKIN 1000 ml bag - SERIES II PU: 6 piece Art.-No. 100.102.04 DESINFECT HAND & SKIN 500 ml EURO bottle PU: 12 piece Art.-No. 100.102.06 DESINFECT HAND & SKIN 100 ml round bottle PU: 40 piece Art.-No. 100.102.66 DESINFECT HAND & SKIN 100 ml spray bottle PU: 40 piece Art.-No. 100.102.07 DESINFECT HAND & SKIN 50 ml round bottle VE: 100 piece