fog technology


with aerosolized sodium hypochlorite

disinfECT | FOGTEC fog technology

Our disinfECT | FOGTEC Fog technology is an innovative disinfection system for controlling germs, spores and mold. It reduces disinfection and procedural errors, significantly reduces the consumption of disinfectants compared to classic scrubbing / wipe disinfection, and at the same time reduces the time spent on costs, which is reflected in lower personnel costs.


disinfECT | FOGTEC fog technology can be used in all areas of application, eg human & veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical industry, food industry & other production areas, agriculture & animal husbandry as well as in all public areas such as offices.
Also suitable for the disinfection of ventilation & air conditioning systems (RLT systems) and vehicle disinfection, for example, police, ambulance & ambulance vehicles and refrigerated and transport vehicles.

disinfECT | FOGGER Frozen Beef

The disinfECT | FOGGER (disinfECTOR) is itself excellent around Surfaces and materials, even in very difficult to reach places, time-saving and completely disinfect.

Smallest droplets will be into the room airbrought. So fine that no moisture arises, sona standing drug mist. This leaves a non-visible, very thin drug film haften. All materials and surfaces, even in cracks and joints, at corners and edges, are evenly wetted and disinfected with product mist.

Item No. 300.300.01 FOGGER cold fogger VE: 1 piece
Quick Start Cold fogger

disinfECT | FOGTEC

Comes as a ready to use concentrate for cold fogging. The mist technology is particularly suitable for disinfecting surfaces and materials, particularly difficult to access, time-saving and complete. The process is very effective and the entire disinfection process is completed in no time. Human procedural errors are excluded.
Suitable only in conjunction with our cold fogger disinfECT | FOGGER. Nebelgeräte von Zweitanbietern benötigen eine schriftlicher Freigabe.
Item No. 100.105.20 DESINFECT FOGTEC 20 liter canister VE: 1 piece
Item No. 100.105.10 DESINFECT FOGTEC 10 liter canister VE: 1 piece
Item No. 100.105.05 DESINFECT FOGTEC 5Liter canister VE: 2 piece
Item No. 100.105.01 DESINFECT FOGTEC 1000 ml round bottle VE: 12 piece
Produktdatenblatt (PDB) Safety Data Sheet (SDB)