Drinking, process & irrigation water

disinfECT | WATERCLEAN Drinking & process water

Water is one of Earth's most precious resources and must be protected from negative influences - especially when humans and nature can be harmed.

Domestic installations are legally water supply systems whose monitoring is anchored in the Drinking Water Ordinance. Owner and lessor of these hot water systems are responsible for the fact that health hazards are excluded for consumers at any time.

So far hot water systems have been heated to at least 65 ° C in all industrialized nations. The reason is the fight against germs and bacteria. There are now harmful bacteria that die only at much higher temperatures, eg. B. Legionella at 70 ° C. As a rule, it is not possible for water systems to reach this high temperature everywhere - despite the enormous use of energy. In addition, often at these high temperatures, the materials of the water systems suffer.

Legionella infestation can be the trigger of a water withdrawal ban of a hotel, hospital or residential building. With disinfECT | WATER CLEAN efficiently combats bacteria and legionella and degrades biofilms during operation. The high energy costs of thermal disinfection are saved. The task of a drinking water system is the guarantee of sterility with minimum energy consumption.

When using disinfECT | WATER CLEAN is a permanent temperature of 50 ° C in hot water is sufficient. Additional heating and the associated energy consumption are eliminated.

The process for the preparation of disinfECT | WATER CLEAN is approved according to the technical rules of the DVGW Worksheet W 229. disinfECT | WATER CLEAN darf gemäß DIN EN 901Tab 1: Typ 1 in der Liste* Teil I c der Aufbereitungsstoffe und Desinfektions-verfahren gemäß § 11 der Trinkwasserverordnung*, Stand 1. Dezember 2017 zur Trinkwasserdesinfektion eingesetzt werden.

Durch einen einmaligem Austausch des keimbelasteten Wassers im Leitungssystem ihres Trinkwassernetzes (Phase I) und der weiteren Zudosierung (Phase II – III) ist ihr Trinkwasser keimfrei und sofort wieder gebrauchsfähig.


  • Phase I acute microbial attack (one-time shock chlorination of the piping system):

0,45 mg / L up to max. 0,60 mg / L, corresponds to a consumption of 300 ml - 400 ml per sq (1000 liter of water)

  • Phase II - Remediation & Disinfection (28 - 56 days):

0,225 mg / L up to max. 0,375 mg / L, corresponds to a consumption of 150 ml - 250 ml per sq (1000 liter of water)

  • Phase III - Disinfection (subsequent chlorination):

0,125 mg / L up to max. 0,225 mg / L, corresponds to a consumption of 75 ml - 150 ml per sq (1000 liter of water)

disinfECT | WATERCLEAN Conditioner

Now also in the practical 250 ml dosing bottle for Camping, RV, Caravan or Yacht.

For the first time, you can easily treat your water tank and the connected water system. Re-germination is effectively prevented without endangering the drinking water quality of your tank.

25 ml are enough to completely disinfect 100l water (5 ml per 20 liter of water). With disinfECT | WATER CLEAN treated tank systems avoid biofilm and remain permanently germ-free due to the depot effect and make the water drinkable.

     Item No. 100.104.20 DESINFECT WATER CLEAN 20 liter canister VE: 1 piece Art.-No. 100.104.10 DESINFECT WATER CLEAN 10 liter canister VE: 1 piece Art.-No. 100.104.05 DESINFECT WATER CLEAN 5 liter canister VE: 2 piece Art.-No. 100.104.01 DESINFECT WATER CLEAN 1000 ml round bottle VE: 12 piece
Produktdatenblatt (PDB)
Safety Data Sheet (SDB)
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*Liste der Aufbereitungsstoffe und Desinfektionsverfahren gemäß § 11 der
Trinkwasserverordnung – 19. Änderung – (Stand: Dezember 2017)

*Trinkwasserverordnung (TWVo) – Verordnung über die Qualität von Wasser für den menschlichen Gebrauch

GRAMINA | TOP GREEN Beregnungswasser-Desinfektion

Water is a limited commodity, whose careful handling more and more of us is required! We will therefore have to get used to the idea of ​​using only service water and surface water for sprinkling sports lawns. As a rule, however, this water is contaminated with microbes (bacteria and algae).

In Germany there are already many golf courses in this situation. Necessarily, these forms of water are stored in an irrigation pond, which - especially in the summer months - leads to a significant increase in microbes. Green and / or blue-green algae, E. coli, coliforms and clostridia are detectable in most ponds. The permanent mission of this polluted water on greens, fairways and tees has damaging consequences.

GRAMINA | TOP GREEN is a highly effective, neutral, water-based disinfectant (WATER HAZARD CLASS 0). The treated water is germ-free, clear and the pH value is not changed.

GRAMINA | TOP GREEN wirkt gegen freischwimmende Keime und den vorhandenen Biofilm in Wassertanks, Beregnungsbalken, SchlauchIeitungen, Spritzen etc.. So werden signifikant weniger Keime ausgebracht, die das Green belasten und unter Umständen stark schädigen.

GRAMINA | TOP GREEN, which has biocidal properties, is produced in accordance with the guidelines of the Drinking Water Ordinance (TVO) and is approved according to DIN EN 901.

Item No. 100.990.10 GRAMINA TOP GREEN 10 liter canister VE: 2 pcs
Produktdatenblatt (PDB)
Safety Data Sheet (SDB)